Apollo High Back Chair – A 2020 Review

//Apollo High Back Chair – A 2020 Review

Apollo High Back Chair – A 2020 Review

Apollo High Back Chair – A 2020 Review

Apollo chairs come in all shapes and sizes, but the high back version of this popular chair is likely to remain a best seller for many years to come. Known for its adaptability and ergonomic qualities, Apollo High Back chairs have a reputation for providing good quality for money, a product that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and something that has a range of versatile uses. So does it hold up relative to some of its more technologically innovative counterparts in 2020? We gave it a test run to find out.

First Impressions Matter

When it comes to any type of office furniture, first impressions matter. The chair is striking even from first class, exuding style and class and being a head-turner no matter what type of furniture you are most interested in. The Apollo High Back chair looks sturdy as much as it does comfortable, which is a winning combination for any chair that will be heavily used within a conventional office space. All-in-all, the chair remains impressive at first glance, which is perhaps indicative of its long standing reputation as a reliable offering. 

Key Features of the Apollo High Back Chair

The Apollo high back chair impresses even more when you find out that it is made of 100% recyclable materials, which is great for the environment and even better for the sustainability rating of the business. Equipped with an aluminium alloy base, the chair is sturdy yet somewhat flexible, perhaps as a result of its multi position lock system and tilt tension control mechanism. With a five year warranty on the chair and its part, it’s hard to find fault when it comes to design and reliability. So what about affordability?

Price Considerations

From a pricing standpoint, Apollo High Back chairs are typically competitively priced relative to some of the other entry level chairs on the market. While you can typically expect to pay anywhere between the $100 to $400 equivalent for a new office chair, these are surprisingly affordable considering the added features the chair comes equipped with. You can’t put a price on lumbar support, or a decent neck rest. Ergonomics have a large role to play in the future of office furniture, and from a pricing standpoint, the Apollo High Back chair is paving the way for other chairs that also have this front of mind in the design process. 

Final Verdict: Apollo High Back Chair

As a whole, the Apollo High Back Chair holds up in 2020, even though it may be seen as a somewhat more traditional chair compared to innovative other products hitting the market. For what you’re paying, and the quality product you’re receiving, these are a great idea if you’re furnishing an office for the first time, or setting up a home office for yourself. If you’re wondering about where to look for your next purchase,  Ixaxa Office Furniture has some great prices, and a team on hand to help make the process as effortless as possible. 

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