How To Keep Office Furniture Clean During COVID-19

//How To Keep Office Furniture Clean During COVID-19

How To Keep Office Furniture Clean During COVID-19

How To Keep Office Furniture Clean During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far reaching consequences all around the world, both to life at home and in the way we work. With lockdowns being observed locally and internationally, for many of us, a workday now involves carving out a space at home and getting used to the idea of remote working. Your office furniture at home is just as important to keep clean as at the actual office. As lockdown restrictions are expected to move down a level, more people will be able to return to the office, but naturally, there will be new health considerations to keep in mind. Whether you’re at home or at the office, keeping your furniture clean is a must, and knowing how to do so in either instance can be a great way to help decrease your exposure to the virus. 

Why Keeping Your Office Furniture Clean Should Be a Priority

With cases topping 3 million around the world as of the end of April, it’s clear that COVID-19 is a gamechanger for the world, reminding us that we are truly at the helm of nature at the end of the day. While on any given day we might be exposed to thousands of bacteria types and even touch our faces more times that we would be able to recall, ensuring a clean environment in your home office or at your physical place of work should be a priority to help reduce the possibility of infection. The coronavirus will likely lead to an increase in the purchase of cleaning supplies and equipment, and corporate executives will already be scratching their heads about the best ways to ensure the safety of their employees once everyone is allowed to move around freely again. 

Keeping Your Office Space Clean at Home

The space where you work from home could be considered a high-touch area, which makes it a prime suspect for regular cleaning and disinfecting, especially if someone else is utilising the space as well during the course of the day. You never know how the virus may creep into your home, be it through a food delivery or as part of unforeseen exposure. By making sure you have the right cleaning products and by setting a cleaning schedule as part of your work from home duties, you’ll be able to disinfect the area regularly, ensuring it remains safe for use at all times. Explore soap and detergent options, and remember that disinfectant with an alcohol level of around 70% is recommended by the WHO and other reputable agencies. 

How To Disinfect Your Furniture at Home and the Office

If you’re applying any kind of detergent or soap to a surface, remember not to wipe it off as soon as you’ve applied it to the surface. Many products require a couple of minutes to be effective. Have a read through the instructions first, even if you’ve been doing it another way for a while, and remember that even when washing your hands, it does take a good 20 second wash for you to get rid of harmful bacteria on your hands. Wipes and spray need to stay on a surface for a few minutes to be effective. As the virus starts to level out, and infections become more manageable, you can reduce the frequency of your cleans. Any spikes of the virus, or downgrade of the lockdown level, should be a good indication that it’s time to amp up the amount of cleans you do in a week again. Don’t take any changes, in order to protect yourself, and those around you.

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