Where To Buy Apollo Chairs in South Africa

//Where To Buy Apollo Chairs in South Africa

Where To Buy Apollo Chairs in South Africa

Where To Buy Apollo Chairs in South Africa

Buying modern furniture comes with a lot of choices. And we mean, a lot! When it comes to your office environment, an Apollo chair might be the best way to go, particularly as it combines value, comfort and quality, and is traditionally known as the more affordable of the office chairs out there in the market. Some suppliers refer to the Apollo chair as a variety of different types, but for the sake of this piece, we’ll only be discussing only the office/boardroom high mesh version in the furniture range.

What is an Apollo Chair?

Known for its affordability, comfort and style, these chairs are typically cast in a two-part mold system. With a welded front leg (not bent as with other models), the chair is stronger and less likely to collapse at weakened juntures. These chairs are great for back support, often even coming with curved backrests to make the sitting experience all the more comfortable. This makes the chair great value for money, especially as it is a long-lasting option that is used in workplaces of all shapes and sizes across the country. 

Ixaxa Office Furniture

If that sounds good to you, Ixaxa Office Furniture sells its own personal Apollo High Back office chair that is made from 100% recyclable materials. Winning! The chair comes in a white or black outer moulded polypropylene shell, equipped with a die cast aluminium alloy base. Customers can choose between black or grey upholstery, which is well known to last for close to the 5 year warranty on offer by the company. Ixaxa is typically a winner when it comes to any furniture purchases, but especially when it comes to the Apollo range.

SA Decor and Design

SA Decor and Design may be well known as a media house specialising in being a sourcing guide for these two lucrative industries, but if you’re looking for a collection of suppliers to choose from, many of which sell Apollo chairs in all its variants, then they are a good place to start. Their content rich blog drives forward some of the biggest trends in the industry in South Africa, with a history and reputation that has been going strong for over the past two decades. SA Decor and Design may not sell Apollo chairs directly, but their list of suppliers will be sure to put you on your way to making an educated purchasing decision. 

Mobile Furniture Corp.

Mobile Furniture Corp may be a little lesser known, but its Cafe Apollo Chair has a couple of five star reviews for a reason. These chairs are made using 100% virgin polypropylene and a UV stabiliser, making them great for outdoor use. Who said an Apollo chair can’t be versatile? These types of chairs are good for multiple purposes at the office, especially those geared for social events. The company provides free delivery across South Africa, which is a bonus if you’re looking to fill a bigger order. 

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