Where To Buy Office Screens in South Africa

//Where To Buy Office Screens in South Africa

Where To Buy Office Screens in South Africa

Where To Buy Office Screens in South Africa

When you hear the term “office screens”, your first thought may go to the beautiful monitors most corporate offices have in their boardrooms or other meeting rooms. While these types of screens are important for display and meeting productivity, there is another type of screen that can be equally (if not more) useful as part of modern office design, namely design-based office screens. These have multiple purposes and varying types, each of which provides an open plan office with great benefits. The onset of COVID-19 and the pandemic has resulted in the increase in a very particular type of office screen, which may be something that can help keep your employees safe one the lockdown is lifted later this year.

Types of Office Screens

Some of the more common office screens for sale across key suppliers include desk-based screens, typically created from aluminium, fabric or glass. You can also find floor variants of these three, as well as transparent hanging screen variants. Depending on the layout of your office, any of these could be the perfect fit. Prices will vary according to the size and type of screen you buy, so do some shopping and asking around before committing to a bulk purchase. Slide on screens are also common these days as a result of their mobility and versatility, retailing at anywhere from R400 to R900 excl. VAT from reputable providers.

The Benefits of Office Screens

Regardless of the type of office screen you go with, it will have two primary benefits, namely acting as a divider between certain office areas or desks so people can work with more privacy, as well as allowing you to maximise on how you use an open plan space at a fraction of the cost. For many offices, screens also have a less practical and more aesthetic appeal, complimenting overall office design and in some cases, even adding colour to specific departments. In recent months, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, these screens are also starting to take on a new, unexpected benefit, which further adds to their viability in the modern workplace.

COVID-19 and Sneeze Screens

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, and will change the way that offices operate once lockdowns around the world are lifted, and vaccines are created. A different type of office screen will likely be a hot ticket item for businesses of all shapes and sizes, largely because it has a practical use with regards to keeping employees in an open plan environment safer from germs. A free standing sneeze screen can mean the difference between someone catching or spreading a bug around the office. Typically made of perspex, they are easy to clean and simple to assemble, and demand is expected to start booming in coming months. 

Your One Stop Shop For Office Screens

Whether you’re looking to buy any of the types of office screens mentioned here today, Ixaxa Office Furniture is a good place to start. The company, in its twenty plus years of operation, has continuously provided high quality products to offices around the country, while recently proving just how innovative they are in the release of newer products to better serve offices in post-coronavirus times ahead. The company is far more than their office screens alone, and are always offering deals on other types of furniture, giving you the chance to get your hands on exactly what it is you are looking for. Here’s to a healthier, happier work environment for everyone moving forward.  

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